Impact of shutdown felt beyond federal workers

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WASHINGTON — Federal workers are some of the hardest hit by the partial government shutdown, but those who depend on their business, including rideshare drivers, are also feeling the impact.

Luke Cho, a student at George Mason University majoring in Russian Studies, is an Uber driver in Fairfax County. Driving for Uber during the evening rush has helped Cho pay the bills.

“Before the shutdown, we were seeing high demand all across the District,” said Cho.

But lately, he’s been feeling the impact of the shutdown. “The riders just started disappearing and the calls just stopped coming,” said Cho.

Instead of making around $100-$120 a night, he’s now making half of that, if he’s lucky.

Cho is now trying to figure out his next move, and said he may have to find a part-time job to help get him through school. “I’m trying to fund my own education, and my money-making ability has been cut in half. I have tuition for this semester, but this is the month, I was supposed to make a lot of money, winter break,” said Cho.

Cho says he knows the impact is even greater for his friends who work for the government, so he’s hoping everyone is able to get back to work soon.

“I definitely feel for all the federal employees. It’s a little frustrating but trying to see the positives. At least we’re still getting some customers,” said Cho.



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