Hats off: Loudoun Co. revises school dress code

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WASHINGTON — Revisions made to the dress code by Loudoun County’s school board have been revised again.

On Tuesday night, the board voted specifically to do away with the change that would have allowed high school students to wear hats inside the classroom.

Back in June, the board adopted a revised dress code that included a provision allowing high school students to wear hats. An attempt by one board member to amend the dress code to keep the ban on indoor hats failed in a 4-4 vote, after one board member was absent.

But on Tuesday, the full board voted 5-4 to amend the revised dress code, specifically targeting the policy on hats.

Some board members cited security reasons, according to Loudoun Now, with concerns that hats would make it easy for students to shield their face from school security cameras.

Exceptions to the rule on hats include head coverings worn for school sponsored events or for medical or safety reasons.

In addition, the new rules explicitly allow for religious head coverings to be worn inside the classroom.

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