Review: Townshend Bar at Café Kindred in Falls Church

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Townshend Bar at Cafe Kindred
Photo by Stefanie Gans
This week, we’re looking at new burger places in Northern Virginia. Take a look back at all five of our favorites right here.

Townshend Bar at Café Kindred’s Chili Cheeseburger: lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese // $14, comes with fries or salad

Gary O’Hanlon says the chili cheeseburger his wife, Jennifer Demetrio, makes is “a mess” and “so sloppy.” He also says it’s “really, really good.” I’m going to have to disagree with the Irish-accented O’Hanlon on the former because that was actually the most surprising and delightful part about the burger: It stayed together. He is right on that last part—it’s delicious.

Instead of taking over the patty, both in terms of taste and volume, the chili is applied almost like a schmear and not a heaping scoop. This adds depth, some meatiness, some spice. Within the brioche bun, the same short rib blend is employed in both the chili and the burger. It’s hard to know where one ends and one begins, which can also be said for the new expansion of Café Kindred. The back end, with a long bar, high tops and a couch, is now Townshend Bar. It’s open all day, even after the coffee shop closes at 6 p.m. // 450 N. Washington St., Falls Church

(July 2017 Burger Season)


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