Review: The Burger Shack in Chantilly

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The Burger Shack
Photo by Rey Lopez
This week, we’re looking at new burger places in Northern Virginia. Check back daily for reviews of all five of our favorites.

The Burger Shack’s Ring of Fire: jalapeno, onion rings, pepper jack cheese and Sriracha mayo // $9.29 + $3 for fries and fountain drink

When I asked for the Ring of Fire burger cooked medium-rare, the person taking my order told me otherwise. It was caring but firm, and I loved it. He suggested medium to preclude the castle of toppings from collapsing the entire sandwich.

He was right.

The resulting burger held together; it was juicy and astonishingly not messy. But more than its structure, the combination of crunchy onion ring (didn’t turn soggy within the bun), rings of jalapenos, melty pepper jack cheese and the slight heat from the Sriracha aioli makes this burger.

Longtime local restaurateurs Cindy and Sam Zaqzouq borrowed the idea for not only this cleverly constructed and named burger, but for the entire restaurant. Cindy’s cousin owns The Burger Spot in Michigan, and instead of opening another pizza place, they turned toward burgers. You’ll be glad they did. // 13661 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Chantilly

(July 2017 Burger Season)


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