Capital Health Tech Summit: Sen. Kaine Keynote

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We continue to share content from our inaugural Capital Health Tech Summit that took place on June 15, 2017 at the Inova Center for Personalized Health. Scroll down to view Senator Tim Kaine’s full Capital Health Tech Summit keynote presentation video.

Keynote KaineSenator Tim Kaine opened the morning session with a discussion on healthcare reform, highlighting the lasting role technologies like telehealth, personalized medicine and genomics will play in making healthcare delivery more efficient and improving health outcomes over the long term. According to Sen. Kaine, tech will be integral in fueling the healthcare shift from treatment to wellness.

Sen. Kaine discussed how healthcare reform also requires addressing workforce and higher education gaps in in the technology sector today and how Northern Virginia has a unique advantage addressing these gaps with its top universities and innovative companies.

View full video of Sen. Kaine’s keynote here:

Check out the Capital Health Tech Summit photo gallery!

Stay tuned for more Capital Health Tech Summit videos and content here on the blog!

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