Audio, video of fatal Herndon police shooting released

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WASHINGTON — The Fairfax County police have released 911 audio and helicopter video of the fatal shooting of a man in Herndon in January at the end of a standoff.

Mohammad Doudzai, 32, was shot and killed after he wounded his brothers and set fire to his house on Covered Wagon Lane in the afternoon of Jan. 16 with his roommate in an upstairs bathroom.

Last week, Commonwealth Attorney Raymond Morrogh announced that there would be no charges against the officer who shot Doudzai.

Morrogh’s report said that Doudzai was in “a drug-fueled homicidal rage” and that the police actions “saved an innocent life.” The report said that nitrous oxide canisters were found in the house and cocaine was found in Doudzai’s system.

The 911 audio reveals a man explaining in a whisper that he was in the third-floor bathroom, saying “too much smoke, oh my God,” later adding “it’s burn, some very fire, oh my God burning” and coughing. He was locked in, and said Doudzai didn’t know he was there.

The video footage seemed to show basically what the report claimed: Doudzai cut the screen of the front door with a knife and reportedly wielded it at officers. A flash-bang grenade was tossed inside the front door while Doudzai was there; he came out, was shot, went back into the house, re-emerged and was shot again.

The police warn that the helicopter footage contains graphic images; it can be seen here.

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