Grow your Small Business in Northern Virginia

The Northern Virginia (NOVA) area can sometimes be overshadowed by its proximity to Washington, DC, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a great place for business. Interestingly, the tax revenue the state of Virginia collects from the northern part of the state is enough to cover over half the state of Virginia’s yearly budget. The area is no doubt a booming place for businesses to thrive. Every year, many new businesses open their doors in NOVA and hope to take in some of the area’s wealth.  In total, the cities and counties that make up the northern VA area are among the wealthiest in the nation, which provides plenty of opportunities for small businesses owners to take advantage of. Not only are there plenty of wealthy customers in the area, but there’s also numerous successful business owners that you can learn and collaborate with. So now that we covered the basic economics of the area, let’s dive into how to successfully grow your small business in Northern Virginia.

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Starting a small business is not an easy task to do and is the reason over half of all small businesses close within a year of opening. Sure, you’ve done your market research, defined your target customer, and developed a business plan, but how do you think you’ll be able to successfully reach your target audience?  Unless you have successfully opened multiple businesses or have a business partner that has, then you’re basically taking a shot in the dark.  Every decision you make in the early stages of starting your business will ultimately determine the business’ fate and lifespan.

After analyzing hundreds of new businesses, the biggest pitfalls seen from new business owners is that they cut corners on some of the most important aspects of starting a business, while spending tons of money on things that don’t matter.  I can’t even begin to describe the amount of new business owners who throw up a cheap website with no care for how they’re business is perceived online.  On top of having a bad website, they then will have absolutely no budget for any type of marketing.  If you know someone like this, please show them the light!  Neglecting to have a professionally built and optimized website is the first step of the demise of so many small businesses.

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Don’t neglect your small business, start it off the right way by hiring a professional digital marketing agency in Northern Virginia that will make sure your new business is set up for success.  Implementing the right digital marketing strategy for your small business is one of the only ways to forecast your company’s success. Sure, you could try to learn how to effectively do SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, etc., but the time it would take to learn all those skills individually will most certainly take away time from running your business.  Therefore, successful business owners always hire professional digital marketers to do it the right way first. Your time is your most important asset, and you will be needing every second of it when you start a new business. Many successful new businesses in NOVA all share one thing in common and that is they all hired The W Agency – one of the top digital marketing agencies in Northern Virginia.

The W Agency handles all aspects of digital marketing in a strategic way, and uses proprietary search engine optimization methods that have been proven successful time and time again.  There are many other digital marketing agencies out there that charge exorbitant amounts of money for ineffective methods, so be careful who you decide to work with. Many small businesses I personally know of in the Northern Virginia area, have had great success after letting The W Agency take care of their digital marketing.

There you have it, how to successfully grow your small business in Northern Virginia. Now you know the pitfalls to avoid in starting a new business and how important a digital marketing strategy is for your business’ success.  Start by hiring the best digital marketing agency in Northern Virginia.


Massive overhaul of Arlington County elementary school approved by board

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ARLINGTON — The Arlington County Board approved plans at its Saturday meeting to expand and renovate a neighborhood elementary school in the Westover neighborhood.

The school will be a massive overhaul of the Walter Reed Elementary school, which was built in 1938 but closed in 1984. The building got a renovation and addition in 2007, and has since been used as a location for county special education programs and a public library.

The new plan calls for an expansion that will accommodate up to 732 students. The building will be two to four stories in some parts, and will have a larger multipurpose gym.

It will also have a universally accessible civic entrance near the front entrance.

At Saturday’s meeting, some voiced concerns on issues that included walkability and parking. While improving safety for kids who walk and bike is still in the works, parking lots will be expanded.

Parent drop-off and pick-up lanes will also be on-site to prevent traffic backups in the area.

The new school is an addition board members say will help bring the community together, and address the need for more access to education as the community grows.

“This is going to be a true jewel, not just for South Arlington, but for the county as a whole,” said Arlington County Board member, Erik Gutshall.

The school board has approved a budget of up to $55 million for the project.

“Every school is different here, and that adds a lot to the cost. It also means with all the work we do, we get a much better community facility,” said Arlington County Board member, Libby Garvey. “I think we’re in a good place.”

Construction will begin during the fall of next year, and will be completed in time for the 2021-2022 school year.



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Man arrested, charged with DUI after fatal Woodbridge crash

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WASHINGTON — A Woodbridge, Virginia, man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence Sunday after a crash left a passenger in his car dead.

Prince William County police say 27-year-old Antonio Gonzalez was headed east in a 2011 Mini Cooper S on Dale Boulevard, approaching Neabsco Mills Road, shortly before 3 a.m. when the crash occurred.

Gonzalez’s vehicle left Dale Boulevard and collided with an illegally parked 2004 Freightliner semitrailer. The truck was parked on the right shoulder without parking lights or roadside hazard lights.

Dyana Vasquez-Flores, Gonzalez’s 26-year-old passenger in the Mini Cooper, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gonzalez and the driver of the semitrailer, 35-year-old Enrique Ramirez Holmes of Florida, were not injured.

Gonzalez is being held without bond and is awaiting a court date.

Holmes was charged with failure to utilize emergency equipment, and additional charges are pending. He was released on court summons and is expected in court on Dec. 19.

Below is a map of where the crash happened.



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DC area on track for wettest year on record

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WASHINGTON — The nation’s capital has had a rainy year, but 2018 could very well turn out to be the wettest ever recorded in the city.

Last week’s snow and rain pushed D.C. to 58.58 inches of precipitation for the year.

That means 2018 is now the fourth wettest year on record in the District.

“The record is 61.33 inches for the entire year, so we’re just under 3 inches away from hitting that record,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Cody Ledbetter.

To be exact, the city is 2.76 inches away from the record, which was set back in 1889.

Ledbetter said that there’s a “pretty good chance” the District will break the record, with the rest of November and all of December to go.

“There are no guarantees, but definitely with the number of storms that we’ve had come through the area, it wouldn’t surprise me,” he said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has precipitation data for the D.C. area going back to 1871.

In the first 100 years of record keeping, any year that totaled more than 50 inches of precipitation was well above normal. Based on almost 150 years of data, a normal amount of wet weather for the D.C. area is just under 40 inches.

This year’s data come from Reagan National Airport, but other parts of the region received plenty of rain this summer, too. Dulles International Airport, for example, received 12 inches more rain than usual.

“The majority of the reason we’re so close to the record is the very wet spring and summer period that we had,” Ledbetter said.

The months of June, July and August produced more than 20.13 inches of rain. The last time the summer was that wet was in 1933, when the area received 20.5 inches.

The last time the Washington area received more than 50 inches of precipitation was in 2003, when the year’s total was 60.83 inches.



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Questions remain unanswered 1 year after Va. man fatally shot by Park Police

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Family, friends, school mates, community members and more gathered Saturday night to remember the life of a 25-year-old McLean man Bijan Ghaisar who was fatally wounded by U.S. Park Police one year ago. (WTOP/Liz Anderson)

Supporters of Bijan Ghaisar, who died a year ago, after he was shot by U.S. Park Police, say that they will keep pressing officials for answers on what happened regarding his death. (WTOP/Liz Anderson)

WASHINGTON — Family, friends, school mates, community members and more gathered Saturday night to remember the life of a 25-year-old McLean man who was fatally wounded by U.S. Park Police one year ago.

The group also promised to keep applying pressure on officials until they get the answers they seek surrounding the shooting of Bijan Ghaisar on Nov. 17, 2017.

Ghaisar was shot nine times after three traffic stops and a chase up the George Washington Parkway. Ghaisar died of those wounds 10 days later.

His family has long said Ghaisar was unarmed. Reports filed by Fairfax County police have confirmed that.

His family wants to know why guns were drawn on him. They also want to know the names of the officers who shot him.

“It’s evident that people are upset. they’re angry. They’re saddened. It shouldn’t take a year for families to get basic answers to how their son was shot,” said Roxanna Jahangeri, a longtime friend of the Ghaisars.

During the vigil, family members of Ghaisar spoke, including his sister, Nageen Ghaisar-Emami.

“We have waited long enough for justice and reform,” Ghaisar-Emami said to the growing group of supporters. “Waiting in our agony, and our actions have been met with absolute, stone-cold silence,” she added.

Days after last year’s shooting, the FBI took over the probe.

Fairfax County police officers who were assisting U.S. Park Police during the chase that night also witnessed the shooting. In January, County Police Chief Ed Roessler released dashcam video of the incident.

The family thanked the department for working toward transparency.

According to Rep. Don Beyer, the U.S. congressman whose district includes McLean, the FBI has completed the investigation and has turned it over to the Justice Department. Beyer spoke at a vigil earlier this month.

Ghaisar’s family and supporters promised to keep pressing for answers from other investigative bodies involved, because they say neither the U.S. Park Police nor the FBI have been forthcoming about the case.



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